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TSL is a saber training and COMBAT club. Anyone can join The Saber Legion. While having a saber is not a requirement of TSL membership, they ARE for dueling/sparring, and testing. Members who participate in saber combat are also required the following:

Mandatory Equipment

  • Head Protection - 3 weapons fencing/HEMA mask
  • Hand Protection - full finger padded gloves at minimum
  • Groin Protection - Athletes cup or similar

Gear Level Requirements

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Medium Sparring Gear Requirements
Heavy Sparring Gear Requirements
Tournament Sparring Gear Requirements

Recommended Equipment

  • Throat protection
  • Shoulder protection
  • Chest protection
  • Forearm protection
  • Elbow protection
  • Rib protection

Remember, saber combat is DANGEROUS! Protect yourselves appropriately to avoid injury. Happy sabering!

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Our online application is currently undergoing an upgrade. It will be available shortly.

In the meantime, to manually apply for membership, download our Hold Harmless Agreement, and send a signed copy to