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TSL Unity Ruleset

The Saber Legion Unity Ruleset has been released! This alternative ruleset includes continuous fighting, martial quality rules and battle music to offer a new way of saber combat that hasn't been seen before! TSL Champions, David Laudenslager and Alain Bloch, demonstrate the new ruleset in the linked video!


TSL: Resolution III

2019 kicks off to an epic start with fighters from all over gather together for an epic fight. Featuring tag team matches, contender matches and a championship fight between Alain Bloch and the winner of TSL's Ragnarok Tournament, Jimmy Sourile.


TSL: Armageddon II

Reigning champion, Steve "The Garbageman" Mattsen fights Alain "The Brave" Bloch in the world championship match.

For honor!

Interview by Sunrise 7

The Sunrise 7 News Team interviewed our members who showed them what we were all about.

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TSL on SBNation

The awesome folks at SB Nation wrote a wonderful article on TSL and also produced an epic video.

Look at that!

Winners on ESPN

The hosts on ESPN selected TSL in a fun and lighthearted segment.

Guess who wins!

Feature on CBS

Once a week, members of the Saber Legion meet to show off their martial arts and light saber skills, John Lauritsen reports

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Featured on The Nerdist

The Saber Legion was featured on The Nerdist! Head over to their site to see the article and video.

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TSLIII at CombatCon

TSL's Annual Saber Tournament!

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