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TSL is a saber combat club. Anyone can join The Saber Legion by following the steps below. Owning a saber and armor is not a requirement of TSL membership, but they ARE required for participating in combat dueling/sparring under our ruleset.

Step 1: Sign Our Form

So you want to join TSL? Download the Membership & Hold Harmless Agreement form, fill it out and sign. Please print your name legibly. Then, attach it to the email form below! A TSL admin member will approve your application.

▼ Membership & Hold Harmless Agreement

Step 2: Join us on Facebook

Like and follow our page, and join our group!

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Now I’m a member! What’s next? What do I need to start dueling?

Now that you've joined, you'll need some starting equipment. Below you'll find the gear you'll need in order to get started. Ask your charter representative before you purchase, to ensure you’re getting correct equipment. Even if you don’t have any gear yet, attend scheduled meets! Your local group may have extra gear and sabers for you to try!

Minimum Mandatory Equipment

Purchase a combat saber on our Store, or from our sponsors:

This will get you started on low speed, low impact partner drills and exercises. When you’re ready to advance to higher levels, further gear requirements are located in the Hold Harmless Agreement you signed above. Remember, saber combat is DANGEROUS! Protect yourselves appropriately to avoid injury. Happy sabering!